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A concept more than a brand, Nemen aims to carry on the traditional Italian tailoring and craftsmanship heritage, with the ultimate goal of manufacturing high quality, entirely made in Italy garments characterized by high technical content, while constantly experimenting with innovative fabrics and garment dye techniques.

Born from Passion, Nemen is developed in close collaboration with historical suppliers of leading brands in Italian sportswear, companies which share the Nemen spirit and which have always focused their work on concepts such as quality and innovation, continuous research and experimentation, setting the standards for the market over the past decades.

The construction of products that incorporate a high research content along with classic styles inspired by the territory from which they originate, the attention to the details of the garment and its technical and functional features.

Fabrics that are woven from yarns, tested, finished and finally cut and tailored, the unique taste of dyes, special finishes that confer to each garment a distinctive and authentic flavour which speaks of passion, tradition and craftsmanship.

These are just some of the features that distinguish Nemen garments and make them unique.

Each garment is the ultimate result of countless dyeing tests in combination with fabric experimentation, strict quality control and continuous research on innovative fabrics.

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